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A New Comedy Series in Development

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Cristina, a type-A child psychologist, spent the past 10 years building her practice. Now she is ready to build her family. But when the love of her life, Bryan, refuses to get his vasectomy reversed, she’s left choosing between her soulmate and a sperm donor.

Judy, a hopeless romantic, married young with dreams of becoming a mother. Now she’s divorced, childless, and broke. Caught in a cycle of great orgasms with douchey manpanions, she must prioritize her own needs before her clock runs out.

In a world where millennials are freezing their eggs, the wealthy are hiring surrogates, and IVF is as common as IUD, can this friendship survive the struggles of fertility misfires, miscarriages, and missed opportunities?

Tick Tock asks when your clock is ticking, can you afford to hit snooze?

Three 35 year old girlfriends spent their reproductive prime in New York City trying NOT to get pregnant and now they must decide on childbearing before it’s too late to procreate.

Tiffany, a fiery political activist, overcame a dysfunctional family and found her true equal in her fiancé, Martin, and he is ready for fatherhood. But, she's terrified she has CRAZY genes and will birth a baby that will ruin her life and her perfect vagina.