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A New Comedy Series in Development

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Sandwiched between the life of the Sexy Twenty-something and the Super Mom, is the Woman freaking out about her biological clock. TICK TOCK is a half-hour comedy series about that time in a woman’s life when there is no more time.

Set in fast-paced New York City, millennials freeze their eggs, the wealthy hire surrogates, and IVF is as common as IUD. Women in their mid-thirties are fierce, but their eggs are considered geriatric. When one desperately wants a bun in her oven, another gets knocked up and doesn’t want it, and the third has to choose between her vasectomy-bound boyfriend or a sperm donor, procreation proves more irritating than PMS. They battle to survive the pressures of fertility misfires, miscarriages and missed opportunities.

With the grit of BROAD CITY and the charm of YOUNGER, TICK TOCK asks the question...when your clock is ticking, can you afford to hit snooze?

We are Cristina Doikos, Tiffany Hodges, and Judy Jerome, three producer-writers, who turned our universal struggles into a scripted series. Our pilot placed in the Austin Film Festival Script Competition and was the only 1/2 hour comedy to have a featured reading, playing to a sold-out crowd. 

We’ve garnished the interest of Hello Sunshine, Kyle Loftus of APA, and Al Roker Entertainment and… We would love to share the project with you!

After three feisty friends spent their reproductive prime trying NOT to get pregnant, they must decide on motherhood before their fertility expires.